We take customer experience personally

Building Community, one ME at a time

We believe that government exists to strengthen and serve the community.  That's why we built a mobile platform that makes it possible for government to do better for all of us... one personalized experience at a time.

ME-centric solutions

ME the Citizen


What matters to me.  

Personalized to me.  

Citizens use our app or register online to access personalized information about government services and to receive alerts specific to their address or vehicle.

ME the Leader


How's it going?

Answering what seems like an easy question is often difficult.  We make progress and risk visible to stakeholders, team members, and vendors, so the next time someone asks "How's it going?" you'll have the right answer.

ME the Supervisor


Let's go to work.

Streamline shift management and keep track of your people, equipment, and work from one easy to use interface.   Have systems in place that do some of that for you now?  We'll integrate with them and make them more powerful.

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We're passionate about helping government leaders meet the expectations of their citizens.   Drop us a line to learn more about how our SaaS solutions are currently supporting local governments, and how we can help you.